As a musician, artist, or band, your biggest asset is your music

– protect it with professional attorney drafted contracts from Simple Music Contracts


Welcome to Simple Music Contracts, a legal music contract service helping all kinds of musicians, artists, and bands have professionally drafted contracts that protect their music, money, and reputation. Our contracts are professionally drafted by an entertainment attorney so you can easily rely on them for your music’s protection. Trusting free contracts available online can result in a huge mess for any artist because they may not have any relevance in court. As a musician or band, if you wish to protect your music or your name and image, you need the help of a music attorney. At Simple Music Contracts, we guarantee a hassle free experience in getting your legal contracts, easily protecting your music! With more than 20 years of service in the legal music industry, you can always rely on Simple Music Contracts, whether you are a well-known artist or band or an aspiring, emerging one.

Our Mission
To provide the best legal music contract service to clients, ensuring that their music and money is protected legally in court via well drafted contracts. We aim to provide the best service – helpful, dedicated, fast, and affordable for all musicians!

Our Attorney
All contracts provided to musicians from Simple Music Contracts are prepared by experienced attorney, Jacqueline Sussman. Jacqueline is an entertainment attorney with more than 20 years of experience and excellence, serving a variety of musicians, artists, and bands. Having such an extensive background of experience, Jacqueline is able to cater to clients in an exceptional manner.

Various Music Contract Packages
To keep our service affordable as well as accessible for all musicians, we have designed various music contract packages for different types of musicians such as bands, artists, song writers, etc. These contract packages are priced in the most competitive rates so you won’t find high value for money anywhere else in the market! Additionally, since you will not be hiring an attorney yourself, you can save the exorbitant fees of hiring an individual lawyer. When you choose to obtain your contracts from us, you can get the same work done at a fraction of the cost!

Why Choose Us
Apart from 20 years of experience supporting our service and the best, high value service, we give you many other reasons to choose Simple Music Contracts:

Legally Sound and Lasting Contracts
Simple Music Contracts is proud to offer music contracts that secure your music, money, and also reputation as an artist in the most comprehensive manner. All our prepared contracts are relevant in court, having complete legal standing.

Annually Reviewed Contracts
We review all the contracts we offer annually to keep our contracts up to date. These annual reviews ensure the relevancy and accuracy is maintained legally so you do not have to face any potential risk of legal issues or hassles at any point.

Prompt and Helpful Service
We know that the sooner you have a contract to your name and music, the better. This is why we strive to offer a prompt and quick service that gets you your contract quickly and easily. We are also extremely helpful and cooperative so all your needs and expectations can be properly tended to. We guarantee you will love our service and the experience we provide!

At the end of the day, we love the hard work and dedication of musicians and artists all over and are proud of the fact that we are able to provide them with a service that is reliable, accessible, affordable, and professional. Many famous bands and artists in the past have had to deal with hassles and inconveniences simply because they did not have the right legal contract in hand. As an aspiring, emerging, or well-established musician, artist, or band, secure your music today with Simple Music Contracts.

What Our Clients Say

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