I am constantly stopped in the street by ordinary people who see my armful of tattoos and my rather shabby appearance, and who want to know if I am in a band. It seems like a horribly clichéd question to ask based solely on how I look, but I can’t really blame them because, well, I am in a band. When I tell them that I am, their eyes light up until I tell them our name, and then the realization that we are not famous kicks in and they are gone. We are trying to change that, and custom sticker printing has gone a long way towards helping us get out name out.

Custom sticker printing has done more for our band promotion than the use of social networks, and it’s all because people love free stuff. We use custom sticker printing in a number of different ways, all of which helps promote the band in ways that can appeal to our existing fan base, as well as to those who have never heard of us. It all starts with trying to let people know when and where we are playing a gig. We use custom sticker printing to order small batches of stickers that we can post around town in order to get people interested. The stickers save a bunch of time, as we used to have to traipse around town with flyers and a staple gun, just looking for places to hang them.

We also like to give our fans a little something to remember us by, so we use custom sticker printing to have our ugly mugs and band logo put on there. We then hand those out at our gigs, and then sign them so that those people will have a cool little souvenir when we sign that big recording deal. The great thing about custom sticker printing is that we can order those promo stickers in batches big or small, or quickly change the look of the picture, which is especially important if one of the guys suddenly decides that he want to quit the band and go get a “real job.”

There are some that might say that custom sticker printing is somewhat antiquated, but tell that to our fans who line up in droves to get their hands on those stickers. You should also tell that to the club owners who have their place filled because our stickers placed around town have done the job they intended. The notion of stickers being old school has lost some validity, and that’s all because of the QR code. We use custom sticker printing to make our unique QR code, which people just can’t help but scan with their smartphones. That gives them all the info they need about the band and where we are playing our latest gig. We may not have hit the big time yet, but with the help of our fans, and some custom sticker printing, it’s only a matter of time.

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Written by L. Taylor for Nova Custom Label Printing.

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