Kate Bush's Sensual WorldIn October 1989, Kate Bush released her sixth album, The Sensual World, in a slightly different form than she had originally intended. The title track of the album originally included lyrics taken from the text of James Joyce’s best known novel, Ulysess. However, when Bush requested permission from the Joyce estate to use those lyrics, she was denied and wrote her own words to the song, which appeared on the album.

In May, the song as it was originally intended will finally see the light of day on a new album by Bush after the Joyce estate reversed their decision and agreed to let Bush use the copyrighted lyrics. Director’s Cut, which will be released on May 17 in the U.S., is a reworking of songs from The Sensual World and its successor The Red Shoes. The song “The Sensual World” features the original Joyce lyrics, and the rest of the album is a reworking of songs from the original two albums with all new vocal and drum takes.

Bush says Director’s Cut should be seen as a new album, filled with songs that have “new life breathed into them.”